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    emile weber has always attached great importance to innovation. That’s why we launched the “empowering mobility” programme in 2008. This initiative continued to develop in 2015 with the introduction of the world’s first double- articulated, plug-in-hybrid buses. In 2018, we launched the first fully electrified RGTR bus line. Other routes, as well as school transport in certain municipalities and the Nightlifebus network, soon joined the list.

    In view of our ever-increasing electricity consumption, we have put in place projects to optimise energy management, transforming the existing network into
    a smart grid (“Smart Grid” and “Smart Charging” systems).

    In terms of digitalization, emile weber has developed its own information system for drivers, called “Roadbook Mobile” or RBM that facilitates the daily work of drivers and saves an average of more than 400,000 sheets of paper per year.

    Our commitments


    In view of the environmental challenges we face, emile weber has incorporated environmental protection and sustainable development into its governance policy. This is reflected in targeted and measurable measures, both quantitative and qualitative:

    • Use of electricity generated entirely from renewable sources
    • Installation of voltaic panels and rainwater harvesting tanks
    • 95 % of vehicles with thermal propulsion engines comply with the EURO-6 standard
    • A vast fleet of electric vehicles
    Our commitments

    Our Employees

    Our company’s greatest asset remain our employees. With this in mind, we attach great importance to the recruitment, training and monitoring of our staff, be it in the administrative department, in our workshops or with our drivers.

    Our staff members are trained in a range of environmental issues:

    • Use and recycling of harmful substances
    • Raising awareness of eco-driving
    • Brake energy recuperation

    Our commitments

    Sponsorship and partnerships

    At emile weber, we believe in the power of community involvement. We understand the importance of supporting clubs, events and associations that enrich our communities. Whether through financial means or by offering bespoke transport solutions, we are determined to actively contribute to the growth and success of these initiatives. Together, let’s build a better future for everyone.

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