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    Vision, values and missions

    emile weber is passion – the passion to enable everyone to discover, share, live and move in their own way. It’s our determination to make the needs of our customers and the expertise of our employees the foundation of all our thinking, resulting in constant innovation. It is our determination to continue to develop a devoted, visionary family brand that makes emile weber the benchmark for mobility and travel in Luxembourg and the Greater Region.

    “all about your journey” sums up this passion and determination, and serves as a guideline for our commitment to meeting the needs of both our customers and our employees.

    Vision, values and missions


    emile weber’s vision is to unleash our passion for creating complete, enjoyable travel and transport solutions for everyone, based on customer and employee-centric thinking, continuous innovation, and the heritage of a devoted, visionary family brand.

    Vision, values and missions


    Guided by the excellence of a rich and deep family history, each of our companies is built on four imperatives, which are the pillars of our success and enable us to offer efficient assistance, personalised advice and high-quality travel experiences
    and mobility solutions.

    • Being bold

    • Being innovative

    • Staying passionate

    • Staying authentic

    Vision, values and missions


    • Customer-focused

      We give priority to the individual needs and desires of our customers, whether private or corporate, offering exceptional, tailor-made experiences.

    • Innovation and adaptation

      We are constantly innovating and adapting to the ever-changing lifestyles and preferences of our customers. We develop cutting-edge solutions that align with emerging trends and technological advances.

    • Quality service

      We are committed to providing a consistently high level of service quality. Our dedicated teams have the resources and skills to deliver efficient, reliable and customer-focused services, ensuring a seamless experience for all.

    • Trust and respect

      We foster relationships based on trust and respect, both among our employees and with our customers and partners.

    • Integrated mobility solutions

      By focusing on complete mobility solutions, we aim to offer comprehensive experiences encompassing different modes of transport.

    • Sustainable and responsible

      With its sights firmly set on the future, emile weber intends to pursue its societal policy by adopting sustainable, ecological and socially responsible behavior.

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